Our Story

The Whey Crazy journey started off as a “passion project”.  Being an NPC amateur bodybuilder and having constant sweet cravings, while trying to maintain my macro friendly diet, opened my eyes to the fact that there is a huge void in the protein snack food industry.  After speaking with some of my peers in the fitness community, who agreed with my assessment, I decided to put my 17 years of experience as a former Chef/ Restauranteur to good use.  I was now on a mission to create a protein packed cake donut, which would have all the characteristics of a “traditional” (and not so healthy) baked donut, while being as flavorful, moist and macro friendly as possible! After a great deal of testing, tasting and tweaking recipes, and getting lots of feedback from friends and family, I am proud to say I have come up the delicious Whey Crazy Protein Packed Donut!  I feel like everyone, no matter what your fitness goals may be, would enjoy and benefit from a high-protein packed treat to satisfy those sweet cravings and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!  I hope you enjoy these Whey Crazy Donuts as much as the rest of our “Whey Crazy” family does!

Christian White, Founder